Tuesday, 27 May 2014

our sweet, curious boy at a month and a half

MAY 27th, 2014

Our sweet, curious boy. You're 6 weeks old and you're already growing out of your onesies. You're supposed to still be little but you're wearing clothes that are 6 month size!

I used to think people were crazy when they said they loved their babies more every day, but I get it now. Every single morning when I reach into your crib to get you, I somehow love you more than the day before. It's that face…those big blue eyes…and your sweet little smile that only comes out a few times a day (I agree, you can't be dishing out that cuteness all willy nilly). 

Your dad and I love to take you places (even if you sleep through the main attraction). We fight over who gets to push you around in the stroller, and who gets to hold you while you fall asleep. And we can't wait for all of the adventures that we'll take as a family… 

Oh baby. You're my absolute favourite.


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