Monday, 9 February 2015

a pleasant surprise!


On Thursday morning I took a pregnancy test. It was one of those ones where the plus sign means you're pregnant, and the single dash means you're not. I took it because I thought, 
Wouldn't it be kinda funny if we got pregnant without even trying this time? Wouldn't it be hysterical for me, a wedding photographer, to have a baby in the MIDDLE of my wedding season? Wouldn't having two babies under one and a half be an absolute riot?
The test read negative (just a dash, no plus sign). But I stared at it a little bit harder and I swore I saw the faintest little bit of colour on the up-and-down line. I went through every feeling you can have from oh-my-god-yay! to no-way-that's-just-me-creating-this-line-in-my-mind. I texted Ry that the test was negative, although I told him about the sighting of the veeeeery faint plus.

We talked about it all night and I spent a good hour looking over every single event in my calendar for 2015. Just in case I DID end up being pregnant, I wanted to be prepared with a game plan. Ry told me to take another test in the morning so that he could see how faint the plus sign really was. I didn't sleep all night. And if you know me well, you know I'm a fantastic sleeper. I RARELY take more than 10 minutes to fall asleep, and I have only experienced a sleepless night a handful of times in my life. 

Thursday, December 4th, 2014 can now be added to that list.

I couldn't get the numbers and dates out of my head. 
August 12th would be the due date, based on a quick due date calculator I found online. I'd be 4 weeks. The babies would be 16 months apart. I'd be 25 having baby number two. By next Christmas, we would need 4 stockings on the mantle. I have 12 weddings booked for 2015. I have 5 weddings in August. Coop came 6 days early, so does that mean this baby will come 6 days early too?
I watched Ryan sleep and wondered how he could be SO calm when we were only a few hours from taking another test. I saw 12:30am, 1:30am, 2:15am, 3:04am, 4:22am, 4:47am, and I think I finally fell asleep until 5:59am. I considered 6:00am a respectable time to wake up so I jumped out of bed, unwrapped the test, and saw the same barely-there plus sign appear. I took pictures of it just in case it faded away before Ry woke up. 

It was darker than the test before. If I held the test far away from my eyes and squinted, I saw a plus sign. I laid my head back on the pillow and I watched Ryan sleep for another 40 minutes. Eventually I yawned loudly to wake him up, and then he said "you're up early." To which I responded:

"How can you sleep when we're going to have another baby?"

His eyes went from middle-of-the-night-sleepy to WIDE AWAKE and he looked at me in shock and said "you took the test?!" I showed him my barely-there plus sign and hoped he could see it too. He did, and we were happy. Really happy... The in-shock kind of happy where you just don't know what to do with yourself and you completely forget how to live out your normal routine. I complained about how pregnancy test people should make the plus sign a WHOLE LOT darker for the sake of pregnant ladies everywhere, and I told him I would take a digital pregnancy test as soon as I could run out to the store and buy one. 

It was a slow morning getting ready; we were both just so excited. Ryan kept saying "two babies!" over and over and over again. And Weezydog must have known something was up because he came over and snuggled in right next to my belly. Two babies, one Weezydog. My heart couldn't take it.

When Coop woke up we hit the road to pick up a digital test. (I may have coughed loudly to get him to wake up too...) The crazy part is that even if the test had said "not pregnant," I would have probably wanted to take another one the next day simply because I was so convinced that plus sign was there at 6:00am... But sure enough, it read exactly the same as my test when I got pregnant with Coop. Pregnant, one to two weeks. 

I texted a picture of the test to Ry and he proceeded to freak out and call me. We were both so happy and Weezydog was jumping around too. Coop was playing happily by himself and it just hit me...I'm going to have another baby. Coop is going to be a big brother. We're adding another member to our family.

The first people I told were Kim, Brittany, Loraleah, and my neighbour across the street, Allison. We had plans to see my parents the next day because they were watching Coop overnight while we attended a party at the Rosils. So next in line to know was obviously my parents, and then the twins, and sure enough...most everyone at the party. 

Ryan's parents were on a cruise that whole week so we knew we couldn't tell them until they were back. At the time I'm sitting here writing this, they still don't know, ahh! Scott & Rebecca and Shaun & Sherry will find out over Christmas and we are both looking forward to that :) 

We were so pleasantly surprised with this pregnancy. It was so different than trying for 7 months and having the positive pregnancy test come with a sigh of relief. It was more like taking a mundane trip to the grocery store and then when you get up to the cash all these bells and whistles go off and confetti is flying everywhere and someone says "YOU'RE THE ONE MILLIONTH CUSTOMER!" and then hands you a cheque for free groceries for a year! 

We really couldn't be more excited about this little tiny new baby that's going to join our family in August :) I'm going to try my best to have a relaxing pregnancy just like I did with Coop, and I'm planning to write and post pictures along the way. Until we formally announce the pregnancy at 12 weeks, I'll be writing and keeping these posts in draft. 

This is the start of our pregnancy story: chapter two...

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