Monday, 13 October 2014

iphone photos from october

October is a BLUR. And it's not even half over!

It's my busiest month of the year what with 2 weddings, thanksgiving, a family photo shoot to prepare for, and the wedding show. Add in a few engagement sessions, mini sessions, and Coop's 6 month's complete craziness. But somehow I managed to take a ton of pics on my phone :)

Fabric to make Coop's 6 month shoot banner! It worked out wonderfully :)

Mom, what is this carrot and sweet potato business? And how can I get some toast instead?

Apple pumpkin muffins, perfect for the arrival of Fall!

We went to Oktoberfest on the first weekend of October in Vankleek Hill. It was certainly an experience! Rainy, muddy, hilarious. We watched women throw kegs. We watched men binge eat sausages.  

Coop hung out with his aunties one night while mama went to the movies! (Gone Girl was AMAAAAZING fyi!). Love this collection of snap chats from the girls :)

See that super adorable gash on my forehead? Yeah...I might have been playing too hard with Weeze and he let go of his toy really suddenly. I took a chunk out of my forehead with my thumbnail! And 2 days before our family pics too haha!

Driving to Carleton Place with the windows down:

Ivy and I after thanksgiving dinner :)

There will probably be a "iPhone photos from October PART TWO!"

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