Wednesday, 15 April 2015

cooper's first birthday party!

Our hope for Coop's first birthday party was that it would be both fun and low key. We had this vision of Coop and his little friends playing with toys and presents on the floor, while the adults ate lunch and relaxed on the couch. And that's exactly how the afternoon played out. 

I will always remember this as the very last party in our house before moving the next day. This was the house where we brought Coop home from the hospital, and it's the place where he had most of his "firsts." It just HAD to be the location where we celebrated him turning one. 

My "theme" if you will was woodsy-modern-camping-ish. It's a loose theme... but it all started with the creation of that big mossy letter C. S'more pops, trail mix, and little trees with marshmallow stumps :)  

What a perfect day!

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