Thursday, 12 February 2015

iphone photos from january

The iPhone photos from January absolutely must kick off with some shots from our week in Orlando :)

Like this one, of Coop and his dad watching the carousel at the Syracuse mall while we waited for our flight.

Virgin pina colada with the Mindy Kaling book = my happy place.

One of my FAVOURITE memories from this trip was my date night with Ry. We went to sushi dinner and followed it up with a movie. It felt like old times and we reminisced about being kids and falling in love. 

Also, the movie was Interstellar and you don't even want me to get into how much I loved this movie. Balled my eyes out, loved it.

Coop's showing off his teeth and generally loving the vacation life :)

Back home, I nursed a little cold that I must have got from the plane. 

Baby spinach?

Oh, I like this photo. This is an accurate depiction of how I get my work done during the day. The set up includes two closed doors, one Weezydog, and a multitude of random objects to entertain Coop. 


These next few shots are from a creative project I did at the end of Jan. It filled my soul with passion and purpose and made me feel all bright and bouncy for DAYS.

I started taking classes at The Dailey Method in the Glebe and I'm completely hooked. Coop loves being in child care and I love the hour of much needed baby-free time. I've never loved a workout this much :)

Weezy celebrated his third birthday :)

Coop's current smile. Also the reason for my existence. 

Iced green tea from Panera Bread is my new guilty pleasure. I craaaaave it so bad. And if you're thinking that iced green tea can't be a guilty pleasure because it's zero cals, then I highly encourage you to read the nutritional info at Panera... 

A perfect photo to show off our little trouble maker. See how I strategically placed a plant in front of the PS4? He knows all my tricks. 

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