Tuesday, 10 February 2015

eleven weeks pregnant


I have been busy with the holidays and our trip to Orlando (and then the entire WEEK that I needed to recover from both of those events). Life is finally in order. Everything has gone through the laundry, the suitcases are away, and there's not a trace of Christmas left anywhere on the main floor. I have finally found the time to sit down and do a little pregnancy update.

Eleven weeks pregnant...

Time is moving faster with this pregnancy. I remember with my first pregnancy how long it felt between finding out I was pregnant and booking my first ultrasound, and yet this time the ultrasound just snuck up on me. In exactly a week we will be seeing baby number two for the first time. 

I love that :)

It doesn't feel real until you see that little jumping baby in black and white. And getting to announce it officially makes it even more real.

My morning sickness is gone (it lasted until 8 weeks on the nose). My energy is pretty standard, although I'm still trying to find the time to nap once a day while Coop naps in the other room. Weirdly though, it's taking me longer to go to sleep than usual! Sometimes I just start to drift into sleep and I hear Coop's cry letting me know he's awake from his nap. That's a feeling I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. 

In terms of cravings, nothing crazy yet. Except there was one day I texted Ry, "If I don't eat some pasta salad soon, I'm gonna lose it."

By morning that craving had disappeared. 

I have been craving social interaction lately. I used to go out to lunch with friends twice a week and now that seems like a distant memory. I've been trying to fill my evenings with friends as often as possible though which is helping. I get really excited for things like upcoming styled shoots and monthly book club. 

I'm going to keep track of the things that I've cried about, just like my last pregnancy. My first addition will be:

The movie Interstellar. 

Cried like a BABY. I'll have to watch this movie not pregnant to see if it really is that sad. 

Anyway, looking very much forward to the ultrasound next week :) Hopefully everything goes swimmingly and we see a happy, bouncing baby just like last time!  

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