Tuesday, 10 February 2015

six weeks pregnant


The baby is the size of little pea. That's incredibly difficult to wrap my mind around, considering Coop is a little man now, and it doesn't seem like that long ago that I was only 6 weeks pregnant with him... 

A little pea...

I can't help myself from wondering constantly if it's a little pea-boy, or a little pea-girl! Anyone who says they don't care about the gender is absolutely CRAZY! It changes everything! A lot of people are asking if we know the gender yet, and of course it's way too early. But the follow up question always seems to be, "well what do YOU think!" Honestly...I think this baby is a girl! But I'm also prepared to have a boy. We know some pretty splendid families who have boy-boy-girl. Also, since I seem to be surrounded by boys (I only have a brother, Ryan only has a brother, Weezy is a boy...it's endless!), I can definitely picture myself having two, if not THREE, boys. 

But a baby girl...how special would that be! A girl cousin for Ivy, Evelyn, and Jessica. A little sister for Coop. A daughter for Ryan. I love that thought :)

It's going to be extremely dangerous for my wallet if the ultrasound tech tells us it's a girl. HEADBANDS and little BOWS will fill my closet. Little baby girl outfits! Eee! 

But if the baby's a boy...well then he and Coop will be best friends. Only one school year apart, and I'll get to see him wear all the same clothes that Coop wore. I love that thought too. 

Edit to add on February 7, 2015: I now think the baby is a boy. No reason, just do.

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