Sunday, 5 January 2014

week twenty-five


Huuuuge progress :)

In the last week, we've knocked off some major things on the to-do list, including registering at Baby's R Us, buying the furniture for the nursery, AND putting it together. Boom!!

What started out as a box quickly turned into a fully assembled crib thanks to a handy husband :)

Things we've learned:

Babies need lots of things.
Unfortunately most things come in green, not blue.
Expensive strollers are expensive for a reason.
Expensive receiving blankets are not.
Walking around a store with a scanning gun is dangerous stuff.
Sometimes IKEA is cheaper than trying to build it yourself.

As for the part about me growing a baby inside my body, things are starting to get real. 

A little update:

Apparently I have become one of those people who lies awake at night and listens to a ticking clock. Just months ago I wouldn't have been able to relate to that in the slightest, but I find myself awake at night with eyes that are adjusted to the dark and a hand on my stomach to feel the kicks. 

Thank goodness the baby kicks too, because without that I'd be forced to go downstairs and watch TV for entertainment. Instead, I'm slowly put back to sleep with happy thoughts of those little arms and legs :) 

I've been super sick. And being pregnant while you're sick is really just the icing on the cake. This has made me aware that not-pregnant-Laura is almost always heavily medicated during a cold or flu. 

My normal recipe: a strong cup of NeoCitran, two Tylenol Cold n' Flu, Vick's for my nose, Halls for my throat, and maybe even a muscle relaxant if I'm feeling particularly achy. 

My pregnancy recipe: one Tylenol (ONE?!) and 8 days of solidly doing nothing at all. Much less fun than the party version. 

Remember I said I was becoming intensely emotional as of late and that it was probably becoming annoying to my husband? Well the Universe has his back because for about a day and a half during my sickness I could only communicate by whispering (and even then it was painful), or the Speak-For-Me app on my phone (voiced by a lovely robot lady with a slightly sassy attitude). 

Upcoming doctor stuff:

I have to take a 2-hour glucose test sometime this week (mmm, cue the cravings for sugary orange "drink"), plus a regular checkup at 27 weeks, and another ultrasound at 28. 

How do people go through pregnancy while maintaining a job? I'm confused. 

Currently excited for:

Decorating the nursery -- it's in that amazing state where all the big stuff is in and it's ready for little details!
Working on an invitation to the baby shower in February.
Prepping for maternity photos in March.
2014 in general!

A few photos from Christmas in Barrie…

I've noticed that 99% of the photos I took over the Christmas holidays were of the little dog…largely because he sticks pretty close to me when I'm sick. 

I am on the hunt for the perfect crib bedding now, as well as a glider for the nursery… As for the bedding, I think I might surprise everyone with my bright and cheery choice for fabric (you just wait!).

That's all for now! Ry starts a new job tomorrow and that's when life will officially get back to normal. It's been SO long since I've done things like iron his shirts and make his lunch, and I'm ready for that routine to resume.

Christmas, you've been fun…but real life is way better :)


  1. iviebaby on Etsy has gorgeous crib linens, although a little pricey- quality is great though!!!!

  2. Hi Laura! I was hoping you could answer a question about your blog! My name is Heather and my email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)

  3. We bought the same squeaky chicken toy for our dogs for Christmas, how funny! It was a hit :)