Tuesday, 28 January 2014

week twenty-nine

It appears the nesting continues!! This week I attacked our bedroom with a mini-makeover, including a freshly painted wall, new frames on the wall, and tons of florals and sweet smelling candles. 

When the baby comes, I'm sure I'll be spending a lot of time in this room…taking in naps wherever I can get them. And for those first few weeks the baby will be in a bassinet beside our bed. This room needed to be spruced up in time for his arrival :)

The frames are UP in the nursery!! There are still 2 more holes from previous frames that I need to figure out how to cover up…and then I can finally start filling them with photos!

I've designed a few prints in Illustrator, and I'm planning on using a couple maternity photos once we shoot them in March. 

ALSO…the crib bedding came in the mail today! SO happy with Olive & Andrew as a company -- everything was packed beautifully and it came much quicker than expected. 

A closeup of the beautiful pattern… look familiar?

In other news, here's a photo of the food that I'm craving like CRAZY lately: homemade apple oatmeal with a few chocolate chips thrown in for good measure. 


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