Tuesday, 5 September 2017

iphone photos from august

This monthly recap post has to be the shortest one I've ever made... Let's go ahead and blame that on 6 weddings in 4 weeks, shall we? I had two out of town weddings which meant two less weekends at home with my fam! I used to love any excuse to travel for work, but now I'm really starting to appreciate the quality time that local weddings allow. 

Even though this post is short, the month was still so full of joy, starting with a holiday Monday with our nieces in Ottawa. We went to the MosaiCanada exhibit, which was seriously impressive :)

The cutest little bunch of cousins you ever did see!!

How cool is that! The kids loved it. 

Birthday celebrations for the three ladies!

Coffee date with my favourite person in a new spot :)

I played auntie/mom for one of the days that Ivy and Evelyn were visiting. It was long. I don't know how regular moms do this whole kid thing... The next day when I dropped my kids off at school I wanted to hug the teachers. 

We did have fun though :)

Ryan and I began our journey of trying to reduce the amount of sugar we eat :) That, and minimalism. Two documentaries in one week and basically a whole lifestyle shake-up. 

This pretty much sums up their personalities right now. Coop is always happy and loving, while Jilly is going through a smidge of the grumps. She's getting two new teeth, which I've decided is to blame for her moments of being unpleasant. 

Ohhhhh goodness. This photo. Taken in a moment of optimism when I thought that my delayed flight from Ottawa to Toronto wouldn't impact my connection to Sudbury. Little did I know I would end up having to drive to Sudbury and check into my hotel at 4am the morning before shooting an 11 hour wedding day. Nailed it, survived, and lived to tell the tale :)

Snaps from a gorgeous styled shoot that I had the honour of working on!!

Egg white, edamame, spinach, goat cheese & cherry tomato omelette :) 

Walsh and I have been SO busy lately, but we finally found an afternoon where we could get together to drink sangria on the patio! Tell me this isn't the last time for the season :(

Backwards day at school.  

Sugar free scones -- so good we actually made them twice. 

Ending this post the way we end most weekends: in the bath. Dirty faces and heads full of sand -- these weekend-loving hunnies are our faves. 

Bring on the FALL!

prince edward county weekend with the girls

It started with an email from Brittany, asking if we've seen this ADORABLE new motel in Prince Edward County! Two clicks later, I was sold -- I needed to be at the June Motel and ASAP. Sarah, Brittany, and I merged our calendars and set a date, added a second Brittany just for fun, and set off for a lovely mid-week weekend girls trip!

Obsessed!! <3

We spent two nights in this room, having the BEST time. From getting ready, to winding down after the wineries, to turning up and playing a drinking game or two, good times were had here. 

First stop: the beach. It was the solar eclipse and Walsh would have preferred to hide inside with the blinds closed, but instead, we laid on the beach and tried on some solar eclipse glasses for a better view ;)

Dinner at the Drake, and the scene of the crime where 200 mosquito bites would find themselves on my feet and legs. 

A video to remember our trip: