Monday, 13 February 2017

iphone photos from january

January started on a slow note. One sick Cooper, one sick dad. 

And with Ry working a lot during his busy season, this was how I solo-parented on the weekends :)

Jillian was healthy. As usual. So there are a lot of photos of Jillian this month while Coop was moping in the other room. 

I painted something for the master bedroom and played around with a few new paints I've never worked with :)

More about this sign another day... crazy prep happening for the wedding show mid-Feb!

I hosted the January book club and picked the new book. My pick was The Circle by Dave Eggers and although we all said the writing could have been improved, we really enjoyed the discussion and the theme of technology and social media becoming dangerous. 

Someone started feeling back to his old self :)

And we found the cord for the elliptical that sits in our front office! Cause for celebration. 

I participated in the Simplicity Challenge, however I definitely didn't do ALL the things. But organizing some drawers in the kitchen and decluttering lots of rooms in the house made me feel like 2017 was off to a great start. Highlights include cleaning the fridge, getting rid of lots of clothes, and getting a handle on my filing cabinet. 

Coffee, lunch, and a date at the nail salon with Sarah <3

Oh and a fun photoshoot with Britt! 

Happiest girl <3

...but really serious about her yogurt. 

A friend shared a little "then and now" post on Instagram that inspired me to do one for my business. The shot on the left was my favourite engagement session from 2011, and the one on the right was from 2016. 

One cold and stormy evening was spent inside the cozy new store, Encore Bridal, for a darling launch party! Naturally we all tried on the floral crowns and took a hundred million photos. 

But the BIGGEST news of all...we potty trained Cooper!! Potty training is no joke but I am pretty proud to say we made it through pretty much unscathed. He was a champ and I'm so proud of his attitude throughout the whole thing. Coop doesn't really like change, but he was well prepared for "Potty Day" and couldn't wait to wear his big boy dinosaur undies. 


Biggest cheerleader of all <3

If Coop got to be pants-less, Jilly wanted to be pants-less. 

The only potty reward that truly truly worked: lollipops! Or as Coop called them, "HOLLYPOTS!"

All in all, 3-day potty training proved to be a huge success and we will definitely give that a go with Jilly when the time comes. Good news is that they make special sprinkle cupcakes for the kind of victory you feel when one of your kids is out of diapers! 

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

a video to remember 2016

The clips are small. They are incredibly ordinary. Everyday moments and things we take for granted. When you group them all together and watch your year unfold in 8 minutes, somehow it looks pretty darn exceptional. I am so grateful for these little people who make us laugh and fill our weekends with energy and life. 

2016, you were good. 

2017, you're gonna be the one to beat.

iphone photos from december

December felt long. Long but good :) Our vacation was restful on the days where the kids were out of school (lots of granola bars and Paw Patrol and double baby snoozes) and activity filled on the days where it was just us. With every weekend having at least one Christmas party, it seemed like we always had a glass of wine in hand. 

We hosted a dinner party for 12 and it was a great excuse to buy 12 matching wine glasses.  

Ry surprised me with a date night to see the Nutcracker! I was told there would be a babysitter coming over for 6pm, and to be dressed in a dress and ready to go. We had such a lovely evening :)

I basically spent every free hour from December 1st to 13th writing Christmas cards. With over 120 personalized handwritten cards sent out, it's safe to say this is a passion of mine. 

And any time I wasn't writing Christmas cards, this is what Weezy and I were up to:

The annual Wilson Christmas party was obviously a smash. 

And they outdid themselves with the takeaway Christmas ornament. So cute <3

A good time was had at Noel en Noir, the annual wedding industry Christmas party :) Only a handful of people know that Ryan actually broke his arm at the end of the night. 

There's always that one hard to wrap gift that you save for the last minute. In my case, this crazy dinosaur for our nephew and its unsupported cardboard walls.

On Christmas Eve we came home from Ryan's family celebration and set out the cookies and milk for Santa. 

And we wrote him a note. I told him that I would write any message he liked. This is what he had to say: 

Right after the Christmas stuff ended, our real vacation began. Three full days where the kids would be in daycare.

Many afternoons spent right here, enjoying the snow and the ice cold white wine. 

We saw two movies, Passengers and La La Land. Both were amazing! 

A trip to the Museum of Nature gave these little ones some winter break memories. Cooper was obsesseddddd with the dinosaurs. Jilly loved watching all of the people and running loose like a maniac. 

New Years Eve was super low key this year. Ry and Coop were getting over their colds, while Jilly and I danced and played music and watch home videos from the year.