Monday, 27 November 2017

one last swing...

I'll be honest, when we built the play structure we pictured them swinging on it for YEARS. This was our forever home, but with a side-order of wonder whether Stittsville was in fact the perfect place for the remaining years in this chapter of our lives. 

It was built with the help of many friends on a bright and sunny day in June. They loved going up and down those slides. They loved bringing a bucket full of rocks up the rock climbing ladder and pouring them over the edge. They loved it when we pushed them on the swings and lifted them onto the monkey bars. 

We are sad to be leaving this play structure, or "the park" as they call it. But we know that other adventures are waiting for us just beyond the horizon. They might not be in the backyard like they are now, but down the road and one or two blocks over...we know that good things are in store. 

So with one last swing, one last slide, and a bittersweet goodbye, we're turning the page and starting the next chapter. 

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