Tuesday, 5 January 2016

iphone photos from december

It's a bit of a light month in terms of iPhone photos, but it's entirely because I took so many photos with my real camera :) Best excuse possible. 

The court where we go to the Dailey Method was decorated beautifully. Cooper loves Christmas trees so this was a highlight for him each time we went to class.  

I went totally Pinterest when it came to a few Christmas gifts this year. Gemstone necklace hangers for a few of the ladies in my life <3

The annual favourite things party was a success, as usual! 

The latest edition of our family photo books came in the mail! Yippee!

Book club at Erin's beautifully decorated apartment.

Loot bags from Charlotte's second birthday party! These jars for Jilly and Coop made the most delicious gingerbread cookies.

First ever Noel en Noir at Le Belvedere :) It's a wedding industry event that feels glamorous and fun instead of stuffy and clique-y. We are fans.

Ryan's side of the family did an Escape Room! This was actually one of the highlights of my month :)  We escaped from the Wine Cellar with 9 minutes to spare.

And promptly brought over SuzyQ donuts to our babysitters who watched Coop and Jilly while we were doing it. We are so thankful, Jacquie and Jason!

This book was the best I've read in a REALLY long time. It was a book club pick but I was too busy giving birth to Jillian that I didn't read it in the right month. 

LOVE this print that my friend Brittany made. It hangs in my dining room :)

A box of presents making their way to Christmas at mom and dad's in Carleton Place. 

Reminiscing over old photos with Santa. Everyone says Coop and I are twins here :)

Bowling on a Monday with the family. Super random but tons of fun.

Ivy playing with Uncle Beans. The grass was the cheese, the pan was the pizza, and the hot tub, naturally, was the oven.

The Christmas holiday scene. Toys and babies everywhere.

Ry and I did a bunch of puzzles over the holidays. We were a little nervous when it took us about 15 minutes to just FLIP all the pieces over, but we finished this guy in about 4 days.

Cooper's toy from Santa was his absolute favourite. Good job Santa! Mr. Potato Head pieces are absolutely EVERYWHERE these days. He loves putting multiple sets of eyes on each one. He thinks it's funny. And no Potato is complete without a hat.

After a pretty green Christmas, we loved seeing this thick blanket of snow in the backyard. I shot an engagement session in this snow storm and it turned out beautiful <3

These next few snaps aren't mine. But you can pretty much bet I'll screenshot if you send me a pic of your pet.

This bestie and I have been seeing tons of each other lately :) Like true Stittsvillians, we typically hang out at Quitters and chat for hours.

Brittany, Sarah, and Jillian during girls' lunch after a barre class.

The Christmas stuff came down on December 28th this year. It was sad to take some of the pretty decor down, but it always feels good to get back to normal. 

While Cooper was at school, Ryan and I took Jilly to get her ears pierced! She was a champ. She let out one little squeal and then she was totally normal. 

December ended blissfully: with Ryan on vacation, a new puzzle on the kitchen table, two bottles of champagne shared between the two of us, and an early bedtime. 

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