Wednesday, 20 January 2016

jillian is five months old!

Sweet, sweet Jilly. You're five months old and solid as a rock. We change your diaper and say, "suck in your thighs, Jilly!" You smile and melt our hearts. 

You like to sit, although you still need some back support. You like to stand even more; your chunky legs holding you super strongly. Those legs serve you well in your swimming lessons, kick-kick-kicking all over the place. Swimming is one of your favourite things. Dad dunks you more times than the swimming teacher asks for (that Dad of yours, he's a funny guy). You're the youngest in your class and I just can't resist your little rolls tucked into a sweet pink striped one-piece. You're getting cuter and cuter every day.

You had your ears pierced over the holidays! You were such a champ :) It makes you look even girlier, which helps because your once thick(ish) brown hair has now been replaced by wisps of blonde. Personally, I think your hair is going to turn out to be the exact same colour as your brother's. We've never been asked if you're a boy or a girl, though, probably because of the endless pink and purple blankets I cover you with while we're out and about. Most recently you've taken a liking to a purple crochet blanket I made for you. You like to get your fingers stuck in the holes :)

Other things you love? FOOD! That's what gives you those chunky legs, I'm sure! Sometimes you'll drink a bottle, have a burp, and decide that you're ready for bottle number two. You rub your eyes when you're sleepy, and laugh when we tickle under your chin. You fight with us when we try to change your shirt, grabbing at every piece of fabric you can find on the way down the sleeves. Most of the time when we come into your room to pick you up, you've pulled your shirt up so that we can see your belly. There are so many little things that make you "you." 

We love them all. 

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