Monday, 12 August 2013

spreading the news!

Little baby...over the last couple days, we shared the news of your existence with some of our most favourite people in the whole world.

My first stop was Loraleah's house, where I stuck this little flag into our cupcakes and asked, "wanna be pregnant together?"

Your dad played baseball with his team from work, and we told your Uncle A-ross, Uncle C-ross, and Auntie Kayla. Everyone is so excited about your arrival, and Auntie Kayla is already practising her out-loud reading skills so that she'll be ready for you. 

After baseball, we swung by Nana & Grandad's house and startled them by strolling in casually at 9:30pm. I handed your Nana a little note that said:

You're going to be a Nana & Grandad! (again!)

The term "hysterical crying" doesn't even do this reaction justice. Your Nana was jumping up and down, side to side, for no less than 15 minutes. You Grandad looked so incredibly happy. Tears were shed, and your Nana was still spinning around the kitchen while the men poured a celebratory drink.

We told your other Nana & Grandpa over brunch at Zak's diner in Kanata as soon as they got home from their Vegas trip :)

We've been trying to only tell people in person (minus your Auntie Danya who is still in Korea!), so the fun part is making all of these plans to get together with our friends and family. There's not a single person who is less than THRILLED about you!! 

And here are a few shots from a photoshoot I did for my bookclub on Saturday the very MOMENT I told them I was expecting!!!

My first doctor's appointment is this coming Friday, where I'll find out the due date...but for now, we're going with April 16th according to the app!

Spreading the news is SO FUN!!!

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