Tuesday, 20 August 2013

you need so many things!!!

Hey little baby, 

I just wanted to let you know that you require a ridiculous amount of objects. Little do-dads and thingamajigs that I didn't even know existed...

Apparently you'll need 10 diapers per day. PER DAY! That's just insanity! And there are all kinds of creams for your little bum bum and a whole variety of different fabrics for different uses. You'll be swaddled in one type of linen, laid to sleep on another, soothed after a bath in a completely different kind, and cuddled with yet another. 

And on top of the THINGS, you're also making me super hungry at times for things like General Tso's chicken for breakfast, and an endless supply of nectarines. And then I'll have 2 or 3 bites and be completely stuffed...it's so weird!

And all of this stuff is just SO EXCITING because they're pieces of the puzzle that lead us to YOU!

A little overwhelming, sure...but this is why I'm so glad that our friend Loraleah is doing it first. As I watched her create her baby registry last week, I just kept thinking about how I've already scored you your first friend...a little baby boy or a little baby girl to hang out with all Summer.

And just to give you a life update outside the womb, your dad and I enjoyed a beautiful weekend at the cottage...

Your dad got mad at me for swimming in the frigid lake because he thinks you got too cold inside my belly...little does he know that you're going to be a fish just like your mom and you'll brave any temperature for a little dip :)



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