Wednesday, 9 April 2014

a perfect room for baby coop :)

Here's a little peek into the finished nursery :) All we need now is a baby to go with it!

This room actually makes me so happy. And I'm not the only one… Weezy thinks this room was made for him. When he gets a treat, he immediately runs up here to snack in private. He's tried to jump up on the ottoman and flew off the other side. He hasn't tried that again since… 

The shelf is stocked with a few classics, all generously gifted to us at the baby shower, and I'm in LOVE with this little wooden camera from our friend Brittany :)

Loving this giant chalkboard! Ry made it for me and I am so excited to change it up for monthly portraits or little announcements about milestones. For now, it's simply "hello baby!"

I'm officially 39 weeks today…woo! Doctor's appointment at 3:30pm, and I'm hoping there's been some progress from last week. As far as the contractions, still just Braxton Hicks for now :)

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  1. The room is absolutely gorgeous, he'll love it :) Good luck with your appointment today - hopefully the little guy will be here soon.