Thursday, 3 April 2014

week thirty-eight

Week thirty-eight! And Spring is finally here!!

Yesterday was one of the most exciting days this year…starting with PASSING MY DRIVING TEST! I'm now a fully licensed driver and don't have to worry about anything until I'm 80 :) 

And after a little power nap, I headed to my weekly doctor's appointment, where I found out that I'm 2cm dilated! 

Dr. Millar wanted to do a cervical exam to check for progress and I was told there was less than a 10% chance that I'd be dilated at all, but he was pleasantly surprised. Although this doesn't necessarily mean anything, apparently it's a good sign that I could have this baby early. 

Right before leaving my appointment, Dr. Millar said this gem:

"Hopefully we'll be cancelling our next two appointments…!"

Does that really mean he thinks this baby could come THIS WEEK?! Ah! Here are some of my thoughts on the subject:
  • I don't know if I'm ready to be done being pregnant… I'll miss my big bump! I'll miss feeling the kicks! I swear I'm at risk for turning into that lady on Dr. Phil who's screen title reads "Addicted to being pregnant"
  • Do I really have everything done? I know we have all the "stuff" that we need, but I still have some laundry to fold, and I really planned on cleaning out the pantry before the baby joins us… I know that's random but hey. 
  • I'd really like to have this baby in time for Easter weekend since my family will be coming to town. That just seems pretty convenient. 
  • And lastly, the sooner I have this baby, the more time I can spend recovering to shoot Kimmy's wedding in May!!
Speaking of Kim's wedding, last week Brittany, Kim, and I celebrated with drinks and delicious food and just had the best time ever. We got dressed up, cheers'd to Kim & Jeremy, and finished off the night by meeting up with our men for even more drinks :) 

Look at that virgin lime daiquiri… ohhhh it was heavenly.

I am so excited for this wedding, there are no words. Kim & Jer are such a wonderful couple, and being able to play a small part in their day just means so much to me. 

Call it hormones, but I swear I could cry just thinking about it.

Here's something to add to my list of ailments during this pregnancy: stomach flu. Good times. Throwing up at eight and a half months pregnant is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Ow. 

I spent all of Monday and Tuesday sleeping it off and watching an endless number of romantic comedies. Me and my adorable bed-buddy:

Those are all of my updates for now!

I'll be hanging out having small bites of meals since that's all I can fit into my stomach, bouncing on the yoga ball to get gravity on my side, and enjoying this last pre-mommy time however I feel like it :)

P.S. Ryan's parents are on a cruise and don't get home until April 6th, so they're hoping I keep my legs crossed until then! I'm almost positive they'll make it home in time -- in fact, I'm almost positive I'll make it all the way to my due date and past…but just to give them a little heart attach, Ryan sent them an email that looked like this:

TO: Mom and Dad
FROM: Ryan and Laura
SUBJECT: We're SO excited to welcome…

…the Spring weather to Ottawa! Hope you're having a great time away!


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