Monday, 24 March 2014

week thirty-six

We bought a fancy car!!

Mama and papa are gonna be riding in style with this little baby :) We're pretty stoked about it. Just need to install the carseat and we're good to go!

In other news, we went for our thirty-six week ultrasound on Thursday and saw those big chubby cheeks again. Our ultrasound tech also confirmed 100% that he's a boy. It's weird that with 6 ultrasounds this is the first time they've been sure! 

We got a really clear look at his little face, and it's pretty surreal that the next time we see him will be in person. 

What's new this week:
  • I've got a bit of a swagger now…just a little waddle going on. 
  • Still drinking all of the grapefruit juice I can find, but it gives me heartburn so that's not fun. 
  • Pelvis feels like it's splitting in two. Also fun. 
  • Planning to photograph the nursery this week since it's now all finished!!

Yesterday we did our maternity shoot with Melissa and I am verrrrry excited to see the images :) So happy that we included Weezy in a few pics…it's our little family of four!

So far my hospital bag consists of:
  • six pairs of socks
  • a box of SweetTarts
  • the video camera

I need to work on that this week :)

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