Monday, 3 March 2014

the february blur

Week thirty-two was a combination of sickness (just a cold), and party prep (for the shower). Thankfully the confetti didn't judge me for blowing my nose constantly.

What I learned during this week:
  • I have the best husband ever. He goes out on a hunt on Family Day to find a place open that sells this magical iced tea that seems to make me feel better. 

Week thirty-two also meant another ultrasound! This time I brought my mother-in-law with me and we had a lovely time watching the babe squirm around, and we even saw him stick out his tongue!

Also, apparently the way to a pregnant girl's heart is to offer her a complimentary chocolate croissant. 

Here's the story: I ordered 50 french macaroons for the baby shower from this AMAZING shop, and when I picked them up on Friday morning, I honestly thought I'd be walking into some guy's house where he made them in his kitchen. But to my surprise, it was a full on beautiful bakery! 

I cannot wait to take a family adventure there for a breakfast pastry sometime soon. I'm obsessed. 

With the sickness over, I found a new love of life and did a TON of baby prep. Washed all the clothes in this delicious smelling detergent specially made for baby's sensitive skin (yum), organized everything by size, and unpacked all of the lovely gifts from the shower.

The chalkboard is done! Excited to change this up all the time once the baby comes :)

Organization in the den really helped make me feel balanced this week. Nesting, nesting, more nesting.

Oooh AND I have to mention that Beans has discovered the art of pasta-making and is currently obsessed with his new toys (the Kitchenaid pasta attachments). When asked where he came up with this idea, he replied:

I kind of get the impression that when the baby comes, 
you might not be making all of my food anymore… 

Haha, probably accurate. 

We spent the most wonderful weekend together in Tremblant. It was basically a combination of:
  • great conversations with friends
  • walks around the village
  • icy maple syrup on a stick
  • cooking for our roomies
  • enjoying the last weekend-away for a loooooong time :)

SIX WEEKS LEFT!! And we're almost ready :)

P.S…how on Earth is it already MARCH!? Feb went by in a blur… 

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