Monday, 10 March 2014

week thirty-four

I have been chugging 100% grapefruit juice like it's my part-time job. 

As of Wednesday, I'll be 35 weeks pregnant. 

Here's what's new and exciting:
  • I had two shoots this week: one civil ceremony wedding and one family session. I'm officially DONE until the baby comes -- except for a fun creative project next weekend. 
  • My teeth are stupid and I have to have a root canal this week. Super fun. The dentist insists I won't be able to stand being on my back for 2 hours straight…regardless of how much I try to convince her that I'm not your ordinary pregnant girl.
  • I've been enjoying a little bit of trashy TV lately, all the while keeping in mind that once the baby comes there will be very little TV watching in our lives!
  • We still haven't bought an SUV, but hopefully that happens this week. 
  • The only thing that reminds me that I'm pregnant is a little bit of pelvic discomfort, and the occasional stabbing pain that finds me while I'm grocery shopping.
  • We went to our first prenatal class (one of three), free from the City of Ottawa at the library. Got to see a couple naked ladies giving birth in a video…so that was strange.  

We have gotten into the habit of reading side-by-side in bed each night. I'm currently reading a book called How to Have Your Second Child First, and Ryan's reading something about how to calm a distressed newborn. I love this ritual and I hope it continues :)

In general, life is wonderful! I'm not ready for my pregnancy to be over… even though we're certainly ready for the baby to hurry up and get here.

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