Friday, 25 April 2014

settling in to our new routine!

My first week at home, just me and the little guy, is coming to a close. 

Ry went back to work on Monday, and I took a full two days sans visitors or productivity to get into my new routine. Happily, our baby Coop seems to be awake while Ryan's getting ready for work so we've been getting some family time in during the mornings!

At this stage, Coop is sleeping for the majority of the day, waking only to eat and then drifting back into sleep. He's wide-awake and looking for entertainment for about two hours of the day -- and lately that's been Daddy's shift since it tends to be from 10pm-12am. 

He is feeding like a champion (and getting very efficient, I might add!). Daddy is getting really good at soothing him when he's fussy, and Mommy's becoming a swaddling pro. Life for those first two days was about nothing other than feeding him, changing him, and putting him down for his sleeps. 

This is my "I miss you while you're sleeping" face.  

On Wednesday morning I woke up restless to GET OUT and DO SOMETHING. So we went on an adventure to Best Buy to pick up an Apple TV! We are becoming weirdos who don't have cable (whaaa?), but realized we still want radio channels for the main floor. Apple TV is the perfect solution :) 

Discoveries made on the Best Buy adventure:

  • Best Buy doesn't have large carts that hold a baby carseat
  • Baby carseats are heavy

It feels great cruising around town in our adult-style fancy SUV. That might be when I feel most like a parent… 

Now, I didn't mention this in the birth story blog post, but in the midst of all the baby/labour excitement, we forgot to tell our cleaning lady not to show up Friday morning! She texted me saying that the door was locked and she saw our little red car in the driveway and figured I'd had the baby. I felt terrible and vowed to give her a tip next time she came. 

Since we skipped that cleaning, it had been a whole MONTH by the time she came this morning. Words cannot describe how amazing it was to have the house cleaned today… 

The icing on the cake is that I spent the afternoon strolling the neighbourhood with Loraleah & Luca, and Steph & Kennedi. Three friends, three babies, two strollers, and a much needed trip to Starbucks. The weather was to DIE for, and it was our first outing in the Baby Jogger. 

Love that Luca and Coop can bunk up and share the stroller!  

It makes me very happy to think of spending this Summer hanging out by the pool (courtesy of Loraleah's lovely mother), stroller walking and patio hopping with my girlfriends, and enjoying the boys' baseball games. 

P.S… just wait until you see the Nike tracksuit Uncle A-ros and Uncle C-ros bought for Coop. We just about died. 

ALSO, I am quite excited for our first family photo shoot in 2 weeks! Our little guy will be a month old :)


Witnessing a poop explosion right before my eyes, at the very moment I took off his diaper. 
Fortunately, no casualties.  


Bathing, changing, feeding Coop three times over the span of two hours, preparing the house for the cleaning lady, 
and doing a quick hair and makeup, ALL before leaving the house at 9:40am. 

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