Monday, 28 December 2015

fourth annual christmas brunch

First, a few photos from Christmas morning...

We hosted our fourth annual Christmas brunch on Christmas Day. In a way it was more "full" than ever, what with the addition of miss Jilly, but it felt like a perfect fit in our new home. 

Cooper has a slight obsession with balloons...

Boys flying a drone in the living room.

The loft is the best when hosting other kiddos. Nathan is trying to catch something that Cooper is throwing from upstairs... 

Ry trying to set up my mom's new phone, with Mom not knowing her password.

We think we might have a puzzle half done every Christmas from now on... It was a huge hit with Grandad and I think everyone put a piece or two in. We had the whole thing finished by the time we went to bed on Christmas night :)

This is the last year that our Christmas brunch will have a new family member. Still though, it's crazy to think of how big these babies will be next year!

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