Monday, 7 December 2015

jillian is four months old!

Sweet Jilly, you are just full of joy. You are such a smiley baby and getting gigglier and gigglier by the day. If that's not a real word, then it should be added to the dictionary and the definition should have your picture in it.

Your favourite thing is to be strapped into the car seat (ha! could you be any more different than your brother in this regard?!) and you smile and laugh at me every time I do it. I tuck your little pink socks into a blanket and load you into the car. We do all kinds of things together, sweet girl. Barre class, shopping, groceries, the occasional mid-day photoshoot, and you just love to be along for the ride. 

You're SUCH a good sleeper now. The typical night starts around 8:00pm when we swaddle you and put you in your crib with the sleep sheep playing. The next time we see your face is around 5:00am when you chug a bottle, burp, and go right back into your crib until about 8:30am. We are very happy that you've decided you don't need that midnight bottle anymore...

Your brother loves you so much. His new thing is that he tries to pick you up. You're a big chunky baby and he's still little so it doesn't really amount to anything, but his attempts end up looking like sweet little hugs. He loves when you're getting your diaper changed because his job is to take the stinky diaper and put it in the garbage. He gives you kisses on your face, pets your hair gently, and he always looks for you when he gets up from his nap.

You've discovered your fingers and we can't even wrestle them from your mouth. You love to chew on your thumb as well as any blankets you find near your face. 

Let's never forget about your chatting. It sounds like a bunch of "oohs" an "aahs" and "heeees" and it's the best. I can really get you going by saying "hellooooo" over and over. You've started recognizing me when I come in to get you from the childcare room at barre class. You're getting so big! 

We just love you so much. Sometimes so much that we have to battle it out over who gets to feed you your bottle after a 4 hour nap. We miss you so much by then...

Someone's practicing her ballerina toes :)

Best buds.

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