Tuesday, 1 December 2015

iphone photos from november

November always kicks off with my birthday :) This year it felt like my birthday celebrations lasted for two weeks straight. On the actual day I went to book club and saw a bunch of my favourite ladies, including one of next year's brides, my friend Kelly. She made these adorable cupcakes.

And opened her beautiful home to host the meeting.

Of course we had a visit from Danielle, who has her very own post over here with tons of photos <3

Jilly loves her jumper so much!! I think she's getting cuter too.

Cooper eats an entire pancake.

But then doesn't eat pretty much at all for 3 days straight while he fights off a bug :(

That is not a normal face for this kiddo.

Bottles, couch time, tons of Clifford on the TV, and even more sleeping. 

Stella and Dot party at Brit's swanky condo! And the pinkest wine.

On Sunday morning we went to Bruce Pit with the whole fam. Jilly loved the outdoor walk in her stroller as usual, Weezy was the best and ran around in circles happily, and Cooper had a great time. That is, until he asked for a sip of my coffee and realized it was empty. He freaked out, threw a little tantrum, refused to walk, and whined all the way back to the car. And we were DEEP in the forest when it happened. To all of the people who had to listen to him wail during their otherwise peaceful outdoor adventure, we are sorry.

Not to worry though, because when we got home he slept for 3 hours and woke up happy. Happy enough to run around the house with oven mitts on.

We took and received our family photos this month <3 

Speaking of mail, my album shipment came in for the season! I love getting deliveries, except when Weezy barks and wakes up two babies. Oh well, these albums were worth it!

For a bit of a belated birthday dinner, Kim & Brit took me out to Aperitivo! Kim wasn't on her game food-wise so she enjoyed the ciabatta bread while Brit and I hoovered down calamari, steak and fancy potatoes, duck wings in sesame sauce, and a huge chunk of deep fried cheese. Oh yeah, and exploding raspberry truffles for dessert. And wine, always wine.

For our anniversary I made an appointment for Ry at Surmesur for a custom suit fitting. The store was huge and the service was impeccable. We started with an espresso and a tour of the different fabrics and styles we could choose from. After dinner we went to a sushi restaurant in Chinatown and to a hipster cafe for a bite of dessert. 

It was a strange way to celebrate a wedding anniversary, but that's totally our style.

Ryan topped my gift times a hundred: tickets to see JUSTIN! I can't waittttttt :)

One day while Coop was at school and Jilly had a marathon nap, I decorated the house for Christmas :) Decorating a new house is SO much fun! The tree from our old place looked great in the space. With a bigger place comes the need for a few more decorations... 

Jilly joined the family officially by having a stocking on the mantle :) So glad I saved a few of those letters from last year for our new addition!

This bookshelf is prime real estate for things that Cooper can't touch. It gets pretty cluttered so every couple months or so I take everything off and restart. I feel like everyone's house has a spot just like this... 

Happy girl :)

Coop is obsessed with outerwear. He can't WAIT to put on his coat, he wears his hat in the house, and constantly wants us to reapply his mittens after he's taken them off. 

The least impressed Jilly...

Gift for the book club Christmas party yankee-swap!

Sarah and Steph came over for a visit. How is Jilly bigger than 7 month old Leah?!

The Stittsville Parade of Lights was a really fun way to spend a Saturday night as a family. It was a little bit chilly but Coop loved every second of it.

This is how we make our home smell like Christmas :)

The month of December will be so much fun this year! Coop is at a great age for Christmas. Not quite into the Santa concept yet, but we love the sound he makes when he looks at the tree ("oooooooooooh") and he will definitely enjoy opening a couple of presents!

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