Monday, 21 December 2015

christmas came early this year!

Christmas came five days early in the Hurren-Kelly family this year. We were so happy to spend a special Christmas morning together opening up presents, sipping our eggnog spiked coffees, and nibbling away on some homemade monkey bread. 

Christmas with four kids under five is absolutely perfect. Hectic at times, but perfect. A few photos from our morning together:

Basketballs and firetrucks, this kiddo is a BOY in every sense of the word.

I think we have this exact same photo from last year at Christmas..."the Hurren four!"

Ivy is the best cousin. She holds Cooper's hand and leads him around the house playing games, and you can often catch her cuddled up beside Jilly or Evelyn giving little hugs. Here she is holding a sleepy Jilly's hand. My heart.

Hard to believe Christmas is only just beginning! In a few days we will be celebrating with the Kelly side :)

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