Thursday, 22 May 2014

life without internet (gasp!)

You read that right…NO INTERNET! We recently disconnected our home phone line (we're all enjoying the lack of calls from telemarketers…!) and the Bell guy said it wouldn't affect our internet connection. He was wrong. So we had to wait 10 days for someone to come and hook up a dry loop.

10 days without internet. Coop is just as shocked as you. 

So that's my reason for a lack of family-blog-blogging. And it's also my reason for filling this blog post with photos of Coop's face (I'm making up for lost time). 

So let me backup to LAST weekend for a bit… MOTHER'S DAY! My first one as a mom! My day started with breakfast in bed and serious cuddles with one dog, one baby, and one husband. 

And then the preparations began for our first family photo shoot! Getting everybody fed, dressed, and ready was a feat and a half. But somehow we managed to pull it all together in time for Brittany's arrival. 

Look at the little outfits for Coop!!! 

Our little guy was POOPED after the shoot. He was so good though, and stayed awake the whole time :) Although he was giving Brittany the pirate-eye of drowsiness at times… 

I received the most amazing gift in the mail this week, as a congratulations-on-your-new-baby from my dear friend, Laura. She is CRAZY talented and made this wood plaque for us (check out her wood burning skills from her wedding decor). 

Mr. Coop is now a month and a half old and he's starting to grow out of his clothes. Scary… It's strange because we can't notice him growing, but then suddenly we'll go to put on one of his onesies and it's way too small! How! Stay little, little man :(

But with the physical growth comes other changes, like how he's SO much more alert than ever. He can lock eyes one someone and give them some funny little faces. 

And he is soooo close to smiling. I've seen it twice so far, but we're all looking forward to seeing those consistent smiles :) Unless he's like his cousin, Ivy, who was always so serious haha!

Speaking of Ivy…we were looking at photos of her last week and couldn't get over the resemblance…

I mean… they're twins. Which makes me VERY happy because I think Ivy is the most adorable child so if Coop is anywhere close to that when he grows up, I'll just die.

Here's a look into my favourite part of the day, when Ry gets home from work…

He barely has time to take off his shoes before he has Coop in his arms. It just gets me every time. They dance around the living room together and discuss the events of the day. 

Aaaaand I'm incredibly excited to announce that our friends, Kim & Jeremy, were married on Sunday. It was an amazing day (and it marked my first wedding after having a baby!). I wondered how I'd do being away from him for an entire day, but surprisingly it was easy to leave my "mom" self at home and step right into work mode. 

Shooting weddings makes me insanely happy, and when it's a dear, dear friend who's getting married it makes it even better. Here's a little selfie we took in the morning during getting-ready shots!

Love you, Kim!

So that's pretty much it for this week! All caught up :) I'll end this post with photographic proof that Coop has at least one dimple… 

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