Wednesday, 7 May 2014

everything is an adventure these days

Last night we took a long walk at sunset and talked about how this is the good stuff. 

Our fourth week of parenthood is coming to a close and we're finally getting a bit of a groove on; making time for the things that matter and learning a lot about each other. We are now pros at changing his outfits, remembering to pack the diaper bag when we go out, strapping him into his carseat without any fussing, and knowing when he's hungry vs. just plain bored.

I quite enjoy the faces these two make at each other… 

We've learned that music is the cure for almost every ounce of Coop's boredom these days. Strapped into his carseat but mommy still needs to run upstairs and change her clothes? No worries…just play some Chromeo or Tiesto and we've got a happy camper. 

We've also noticed his personality growing this week :) 

You'll be happy to know these two are growing closer everyday :)

On Saturday afternoon we took a trip downtown! Baby's first Rideau visit… 

This week also marked my first time away from Coop since he was born :) Book club on Sunday night was such a treat, from the great company of the girls, to the two glasses of white wine. Everyone wanted to see his little face at the meeting but hey -- it was mama's night out! 

Plus, I'm pretty relieved I am not one of those moms who can't be away from her baby without having an emotional breakdown. Phew.

Coop's first restaurant experience: Boston Pizza with Nana and Grandpa :)

Coop met some very important people! Our lovely friend Sarah…

And his Uncle Kevin & Auntie Anna who were in town visiting from Toronto…

One more "first" for this week: our first tough day…

I swear we have been blessed with an amazing baby. He doesn't really fuss, he doesn't cry, he doesn't pee on us when we change him. So I'm sure my version of a tough day doesn't even compare to someone else's. 

Yesterday started out like any other, with a first feeding around 6:30am. Except once he was finished he didn't go back to sleep. But that's okay and we hung out in bed for awhile with the dog. Then 7:30am came and he wanted to eat again…and then again at 8:30am…repeat until approximately noon. I couldn't put down for a minute without him making a little squawk for me to pick him back up. Not like him at all…! 

He didn't sleep for more than 30 minutes until 3:30pm (and you better believe I passed out right next to him when he finally crashed.)  My sweet little baby was just being extra needy and for the first time since he was born, my day felt LONG. I couldn't wait for Ryan to get home from work to take over the little things like diaper changes (it really makes such a huge difference to have two pairs of hands!). 

I honestly think that day was just a fluke because he's back to his normal self, fast asleep right next to me as I type this. But really…how can I complain about a day spent cuddling in bed with this little one:

He'll be one month old tomorrow!! Time for mommy to get out the big girl camera maybe…!

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  1. He's so beyond adorable and you two look SO happy! Thanks for sharing all these pics. I LOVE his money onzie! :)