Sunday, 25 December 2016

christmas day 2016!

Christmas morning! At 8:00am, we opened up the kids' doors and said, "does anyone think Santa came!?" 

Cooper said, "no, I don't think so." But about halfway down the stairs he remembered how we left out cookies and milk, and how the stockings were empty and Santa might have put presents in them. He ran downstairs into the living room and discovered his first gift from Santa: a big red snow shovel! 

Jilly was low-key excited about her Peppa Pig couch and little pony with purple hair. 

Who knew PEZ would be such a huge hit?! Good job, Santa. 

Ryan in the kitchen and mama on kid duty while the preparations were made for the annual Christmas brunch. 

I can't believe this is a tradition that's been going on for five years! Christmas brunch with both sides of our family was a wonderful success yet again. 

This year we mixed it up with low key beverage options (AKA no signature cocktail or punch), and 3 different styles of breakfast sandwiches. More and more we're appreciating being able to get out of the kitchen and ENJOY the morning with our families, so food options that are ready to grab are ideal. 

The "McChristmas," "Ho-Ho-Opa!" and the "Mexi-Christmas" were all devoured. Shaun Kelly ate 5 of them. 

And again, the rockets were launched. This time they were headed upstairs to the kids in the playroom... 

And Jilly wore legwarmers. Just something we all want to remember ;)

Merry Christmas! Hope it was as magical as the Kelly family home today <3 

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