Thursday, 1 December 2016

iphone photos from october

Fall is the best. I love seeing the kids in cute little fall boots and sweaters, and this fall marked the season where things started to get EASIER. We're on the "have your kids close together" plan and it has its perks. Riiiight about now is when everything is starting to feel less like a challenge. Jillian is SO close to being out of a high chair seat and Coop is incredibly independent. 

October was also one of the busiest months of my year. Wrapping up wedding season and starting a bunch of really cool shooting projects, I wondered how I did this job before Jillian was in full-time daycare... 

The morning of our family photos :) 

It was Thanksgiving weekend and after we took our photos we went over to Nana and Grandad's house. Such a gorgeous day for the cousins to play outside :)

Oh and did I mention BRITTANY AND ZACH GOT ENGAGED?! You can read more about it here

A Thanksgiving turkey at Nana and Grandpa's was next :)

Necessary items for a wedding planning and brainstorming session with the newest Laura Kelly Bride, Brittany!

On October 18th (or 19th, depending who you ask....) Ryan and I celebrated having been together 10 years. It was the reason for our trip to NYC! The first 5 years...

And the next 5 years...


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