Tuesday, 1 November 2016

a fireman and a rainbow!

I'm starting to realize that every Halloween is going to be a little bit different. Last year, Jilly stayed still in anything I put her in, and happily looked around from the stroller while we walked the street. Cooper was super excited to be a football player, and although he couldn't say "trick or treat!" he loved walking up and down to get more candy in his bucket. 

This year, Jilly didn't stop moving and the application of her homemade rainbow costume had to be timed perfectly with an edible distraction. Coop, however, was very opinionated about when and where he wanted to wear his costume. In the morning, he didn't want to change out of his jammies. After a small bribe, I had him fully dressed as a fireman in time for school. After school, the fireman hat was out and the black Yankees hat was in. Then he didn't want to wear his suspenders, then the jacket, then the boots. He ended up trick or treating in a white long sleeve tee, a pair of khaki pants, blue Nikes, and the Yankee hat.

Oh well, we thought. At least we had photographic proof that he was, in fact, a fireman. 

I am seriously obsessed with these happy photos of chunky little Jillian dressed as a rainbow. She loved wearing it and she was getting so many compliments.

Happy Halloween!! I am already excited for next year. Hopefully Coop is more interested in the costume part :)

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