Monday, 31 October 2016

a weekend in new york city!

The New York weekend started as a surprise. I booked two tickets and a hotel in Times Square without Ry even knowing. My plan was to tell him the night before, right as we dropped the kids off with the grandparents. Silly me, though, he found the charge on the credit card statement and I couldn't come up with my lie quick enough.

From there on out, we planned the trip together. I couldn't wait to celebrate having been together for 10 years with a fun, touristy, weekend away. And it was everything I ever wanted and more :) 

I'm basically a gossip girl now. 

The Met was one of the first things we did, if you don't count walking down 12 blocks in search of Carrie Bradshaw's "Heaven on Fifth." 

The hop-on-hop-off bus was one of the highlights for us. Yes, it's super duper cheesy and touristy, and yes, that's what we loved about it. We had 3 very different tour guides and never heard the same thing twice. We used it as our transportation when we were heading somewhere way across the city.

The view from our hotel room :) On the other side of this corner window, you can see an itty bitty Times Square. Staying right in the hub of everything was pretty great. 

Up the Empire State Building with a McDonalds cup of red wine. Highly recommend. 

The next morning we ventured out to Battery Park where we'd catch the New York Water Taxi for a little tour around the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. This tour guide was less than great. She did awkward amateur-hour comedy bits during the ride and we couldn't handle it. So up to the top of the taxi we went. It was chilly but we held on to each other for warmth. 

The Museum of Modern Art was amazing. Wish we had more time there! We saw all the big-name pieces in the last hour they were open and then hit up another 99 cent pizza place. Hilarious. 

A real highlight for us, the Paramour musical by Cirque de Soleil. I was smiling the ENTIRE time. In my heart, I know we'll be back to NYC to see more shows :)

A video from our trip!! 

New York City, we'll be back.  

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