Thursday, 27 October 2016

a weekend in prince edward county (with walshie!)

It all started when a lovely couple asked if I would be able to do an engagement session in Prince Edward County. I thought about driving the 2.5 hours down, shooting for an hour, and then driving 2.5 hours back, ultimately deciding that the whole thing would be much more fun with a friend. 

My most spontaneous friend, Sarah, (with a flexible schedule to boot!) agreed in a minute. We'd stay at an inn, spend the day in art galleries and antique stores on the day of my shoot, and then tour the wine country after a good sleep. We had the BEST time, with so many adventures that I want to remember forever. Chickens, alpacas, the tour guide named Liz with an overseas lover, and the most random three-person date at the best restaurant in town. 

Our first stop was Kin, a cafe on the main street in Bloomfield. We grabbed some lunch, met CeCe the chicken, and planned out our weekend. 

We stayed at Angeline's Inn in the main house, in a room appropriately named, "The Green Room." We were reassured that the wallpaper was local, made using local graphics of local Prince Edward trees. I can't even tell you how relieved we were. 

I left Sarah in Bloomfield to head over to my engagement session. Kara and Kevin are AMAZING clients, and the Drake Devonshire was seriously the perfect backdrop for a stylish shoot. 

An early bird dinner, a trip to the LCBO, and a pretty early night for us girls :)


In a quaint little art gallery in Wellington, the owner recommended Courage for our breakfast spot. It was exactly what we were looking for and around this point we couldn't believe how lucky we had been with choosing amazing places to eat. 

Liz was a character and we loved her instantly. She drove us to, get this...TEN WINERIES. It was absolutely ridiculous and just what we needed. She also took us to an alpaca farm, which was a highlight for both of us. Screw the wine, we just wanted to snuggle with the little fluffy babies!

I made a little video to remember our trip <3 

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