Wednesday, 26 October 2016

iphone photos from september

September was the start of Jillian's full time daycare. Thank goodness! She was getting to be a handful during the day and working was becoming difficult when she wanted me to play with her on the floor. I miss her sometimes during the day, but whenever I drive past her little school, I think of how much fun she's probably having, making crafts, making friends, and going for walks to the park. 

Coop was overly excited about getting to hang out on mama's bed one morning :)

A new fall routine made for lots of time to go to barre class. After about 3 weeks of classes, though, I realized that my need for barre class has changed. It used to be a place to go for an hour of "me time," combined with an excuse to drive in and out of the city every day to kill time. Now that I'm no longer at home with the kids, that desire to make the days seem short has kind of flipped on its head. I still haven't figured out what my new routine will exactly look like, but I'm getting closer all the time. 

September marks Sarah Walsh's first experience at Le Nordik. Say whaaaaat. Needless to say, she's obsessed. And we'll be back. 

Always a classy affair with our loves, Chris & Gen. This time we followed it up with a rainy rendezvous at the Chinese night market. It was a bit of a flop but when you're with the best people, anything feels fun. Even 15 minutes in a standing-room-only beer tent listening to ABBA karaoke. YASSSS. 

Kiddos getting into their new routine. I love this photo! 

I went to Pure Kitchen for the first time and it was so. freaking. good. 

Okay, don't get me started on dentist stuff because I'll talk your ear off for an hour. I have this crazy dentist fear after a traumatic root canal, so this photo is incredibly exciting because it means I finally went back to get some teeth stuff handled. Also, they froze me up to my eyebrows (amazing) and I had to FaceTime my droopy lip with Ry to prove it. 

I found the CUTEST winter coat for Jillian at Zara and it was $30. Like how. 

Just casually showing his belly at the Tanger playground. 

And making friends with the animals at Old Navy. 

We bought teeny tiny little espresso cups this month. 

And Jillian tried out her jazz hands. She's wearing her brother's beat up old boots in this photo and I kinda like it. 

This photo proves we went into town and did a fun family activity. We bought this loaf of bread from a farmer's market in Westboro :)

September was all about preparing for our family photo shoot. New outfits for the kiddos, new accessories for mama, new everything for dad. 

A night out with a babysitter, in celebration of Kelly's birthday :) Ry and I stopped at Union 613 for a beer. HA! If you know me, you know I don't drink beer. But when one of my 2017 clients is part of the small team of brewers, I simply must try it. 

This candle smells like flannel. That's pretty much it. 

Hello, October. You're kind of my favourite. 

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