Wednesday, 15 June 2016

iphone photos from may

Best buds in the grocery store cart :)

And in the morning. And always. 

The bedroom project is mostly complete, now that the 3 frames are filled with Banff photos :)

Jilly started standing this month! And it's her favourite activity. She pulls herself up to stand on every surface she can. She rocks back and forth but she's getting sturdier every day. She can even one-hand-it now :)

Right before we lowered the crib :)

Chipped manicure, but mini frappucino day can do no wrong.

If you squint, it kinda looks like Jilly has a ponytail. I like this photo. This is actually Pinhey's Point on our picnic day with Jacquie and Jason :) They throw a mean picnic!! 

Mother's Day surprises :) She loved this photo of her four grand babies.

Our attempt at a mother's day photo... Too bad there were airplanes overhead! Another one of Coop's faves.

I can't wait to put Jilly in some water in this little number.

#PaintEverythingWhite -- the living room was next! It was a major 2-day project but it's done and I'm so happy.

Belated mother's day with mom :)

Mmmmmm, these goodies from Christine were amazing. I took some photos of her nursery prints using Jillian's room for the pink-factor, and Jilly even did a little modelling.  

Hard at work :)

SOOOOO, we met Justin Bieber and Cat kissed him in the back of a limo. 

Just kidding. But we did go to the concert.

We spent a Sunday afternoon at the Experimental Farm. Coop made the "MOOOOOO" sound every time he saw an animal. He also has a pretty funny sound for "oink." 

A freshly painted living room :)

While I was having a Sommersby in celebration of the beautiful Catty Kitts, Ry was hanging with the kiddos at the Glebe Garage Sale. 

And look who he found! Obviously the Dailey Method was representing <3

Coop is still allergic to mosquito bites. A little Benadryl and he's right as rain. But it doesn't stop his dad and his uncles from laughing at him and taking photos...

Watching for "SKOO BUS" in the mornings. He also likes cars, bikes, and "PAHHPIESSS"

The month ended in the best way possible, with a wedding industry night at the GORGEOUS Strathmere barn. Sparkling rosé, tiny little bites of amazing food, and a visit with some lovely friends. 

May was wonderful. And then on the drive home from Carleton Place, I started to get cold. Little did I know I was about to have the worst strep throat I've ever had. What a fun way to ring in June... But spoiler alert: the month takes a serious turn for the great <3

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