Monday, 20 June 2016

ryan's 27th birthday at the cottage

When I booked a wedding on Ryan's birthday, I knew I would have to try my best to make the weekend before extra special. The pieces of the puzzle just sort of fell together starting with a plan to go up to the cottage. 

Coop and Jilly hadn't been up to the cottage in FOREVER. Coop remembered it, and fell back in love with the screen door that he could open all by himself. Also, no pants...that's the cottage life.

This Office-themed birthday party was perfectly simple. About a month earlier, Ry requested a "simple happy birthday banner, maybe from the dollar store." He thought it would be kinda funny to watch me plan a basic birthday party without any flair. And then Dwight popped into my head...

Andrew, Jana, Chris, Wils, Smitty, Kevin, and Anna arrived on Saturday morning. Jilly was such a princess all day, getting passed around between aunts and uncles. 

Cooper was off his game. He was either sick or over-tired or something because he was NOT himself. He ended up sleeping face down on the deck for 15 minutes in the morning, crying on the dock while mama swam in the lake, and eventually we just put him down for the longest nap of his life. He woke up in slightly better spirits, but still had an early night.

Then there's miss happy pants :)

The weekend ended with dinner on the deck, a game of cards against humanity, a campfire, and syphoning gas into Andrew's car. Everything was perfect, and Ry was so touched that all his favourite people made the trip to celebrate his 27th birthday. 

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