Monday, 20 June 2016

spirit week at school

Monday was jungle day, and that was a struggle. Coop wore a shirt with an alligator on it and jungle green pants. 

Tuesday was crazy hair day, and he loved putting daddy's gel in his own hair. 

Wednesday was neon day, and Coop had the perfect neon green polo for the occasion. 

Thursday was pajama day, and this was his favourite. He got to wear his favourite striped jammies with a tight t-shirt that said "RARRRRRR." 

Friday was beach day. The kiddos spent the whole day outside in the sprinklers. Coop sported a bathing suit with whales on it, which he mistook for cows and continually said, "MOOOOO." 

Oh yeah, and the camera? Well these days he won't let me take his picture unless he's also taking mine.  

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