Wednesday, 2 July 2014

canada day at brittany's cottage!

After a weekend that went by waaaay too quick, this mid-week Canada Day celebration was much needed! We drove up bright and early (with McDonald's breaky of course) to Brittany's cottage on Bob's Lake. 

The forecast called for thundershowers but we'll let Ry's sunburn speak for the weather. 

Coop was unbelievable. Seriously, not a peep from this little guy all day. He was passed around for hours, had a dip in the lake, and took his first nap in a bathing suit. Love him so much! It's fun how everything this Summer is becoming some sort of "first."

Coop's first swim (attempt #2) went pretty well! The water was warmer, which surely helped. Although we didn't see any smiles, there was less crying and he hung out in the water for about 10 minutes (9 minutes and 45 seconds longer than last time). 

Check out Coop's true reactions in the reflections of Ry's glasses. 

My little lovey, this isn't the last time you'll be seeing Britt's cottage, I can assure you of that!!

Happy Canada Day!

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