Friday, 27 June 2014

champagne birthday (& an almost-pool-day)

WOO! 25 on the 25th…it's a once in a lifetime kinda birthday (although Ry would say that every birthday is a once in a lifetime birthday…).

We celebrated with cake & baseball on Wednesday night and it was lovely :)

Yesterday Coop and I met up with Allison and Charlotte for a pool day! The weather was gorgeous -- but not as gorgeous as this house. It overlooked the golf course and was landscaped like a dream. Obsessed!! 

After about an hour of set up (feed, change into swim diaper, bathing suit, hat, feed again, repeat), I dipped Coop's feet in the pool and he screamed bloody murder. Not exactly the fun pool experience I was hoping for, but it may have just been a bad day for him. Looking forward to trying again soon. 

While he slept, I swam a bit and took a few pics of these adorable girls:


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