Thursday, 26 June 2014

a perfect weekend outside

I took over 200 iPhone photos this past weekend. I just couldn't seem to resist snapping as many pics as possible when so many of our friends were holding and playing with Coop! We are so fond of the wonderful people in our lives -- and seeing them love on our little guy is the best thing in the world.

Saturday was all about the Dragonboat Festival at Mooney's Bay:

After a big blowout (always seems to happen when we're somewhere that's not home) and an outfit change, this little guy slept for 3 hours straight.

We spent Sunday evening at Andrew's baseball game :) 

A beautiful weekend outside always ends with DQ.

Also noteworthy from the weekend: we went patio furniture shopping! Found a lovely light wood table that we're planning to pick up this week, and bought some chairs from Ikea. 

And Coop and his Nana happened to wear the same shirt to brunch. Classic. 

Ending this post with some snuggly love from Coop & Weezydog!

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