Monday, 23 June 2014

baseball & building things

It's been another busy week, starting with Father's Day!!

After a delicious breakfast in bed, we spent the afternoon at The Kelly's eating watermelon and hotdogs, and building the play structure in the backyard. Well, the men were building…the ladies supervised. 

And you know when I say "supervised", I mean "took pictures".

Baby Jessica had a little snooze in the shade. She's brand, brand new and we love her!

The rest of our week included some mundane things like naps & grocery shopping.

On Tuesday night, we went down to the Lynx Stadium to watch Andrew play in his legit baseball league. It was all very organized and serious compared to Wednesday softball… 

Unfortunately it rained. But we bonded over it and enjoyed some BYOB in the stands. 

I took these photos so Andrew would know how dedicated his cheerleaders were. 

The next night, softball got called because someone on the other team took a ball to the groin. I've never heard a grown man scream in pain except in movies. It wasn't fun :(

Coop was not pleased that softball was over early. 

I'm working on posting some photos from our amazing weekend at the Dragonboat Festival, but for now…enjoy this photo of a posed Coop in a whale onesie and skinny jeans. 

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