Monday, 2 December 2013

it's a boy!

Is it weird that I feel like I prepared for this party about as much as I prepared for our wedding day?


But I couldn't stop thinking that this was our baby's first party and I needed to make it special! And as much as I may have gone overboard, I'm so happy with how everything turned out. 

On Saturday afternoon, 36 people packed into our little town house for an afternoon party complete with homemade cupcakes, cookies, a big ol' jar of jelly beans, a few games, and lots of pink champagne. 

All 36 people signed the poll board (success!) and the vote was split right down the middle. 

50% thought boy, 50% thought girl. 

But at 3:00pm on the dot…the basement door opened and Brittany released our little dog who then RAN through the main floor with 6 blue balloons tied to his collar, announcing to the whole group that it's a boy!

We had our guests write down the worst baby names they could think of…to give us an idea of what NOT to name the baby.

Highlights included:


All in all, it was a fabulous weekend and we were so thrilled everyone could make it out to the party (including my family from Toronto!). 

And all my love goes out to Kim, Brittany, and Chris…for being our amazing secret keepers and organizing the reveal for us. Thank you for dealing with balloon drama, reading complicated medical reports, and wearing gender neutral colours to the party to keep us guessing all the way up until the end. 

Could not have done this without you guys! 

Just for fun, I'll end this post with a photo from 
my 20 week ultrasound…! 
That's a little button nose right there :)

Bonus points for you if you can spot the creepy skeleton 
twin in the background… 

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  1. Congratulations! Let the nursery decorating begin! :)