Thursday, 21 November 2013

a little peek into what life will be like next year...

I spent the day with Loraleah and little baby Luca today!

It was the first time I could really observe a "new mom" trying to figure out what this new life looks like. 

Picture us: opening up the trunk of the Sante Fe, staring at the collapsed stroller thinking…can we do this? But after a few tries and multiple button pushes that seemed to do absolutely nothing, somehow we managed to pop the thing open and click in the car seat. We were so proud! One pregnant girl, and one slow-moving new mom and we figured it out. 

That seemed to be the theme of the day…

I love that I got to share so many "firsts" for Loraleah and Luca, including first trip in the car with just mommy and a friend, first public changing, and first Starbucks! 

But still…I have a hard time picturing us doing all of this with TWO babies! Two strollers, two feedings, two bum changes, I mean…that's a production and a half. But our mantra right now tells us that somehow, we'll just figure it out. 

See more photos from Luca's day of birth here.

I'm now insanely excited for April to come. I finally feel like I can kind of picture what it will be like, and seeing Loraleah cuddle and love on Luca just fills my heart and makes me want to cry! Lucky for me, I already feel an overwhelming amount of love for Weezy, but this is definitely the first time I've seen Loraleah get so outwardly lovey-dovey. 

And it's just the best :)

I can't believe in less than two weeks we'll know the baby's gender! I'm honestly not sure what I'm more excited about…the party, or going to my ultrasound and getting to see the baby jump around again. SLASH I just remembered I'm way more excited about feeling the baby move around in my belly, and that takes the cake. 

Life is so great right now! Our first wedding anniversary // planning the gender reveal // getting tons of rest while I still can // trying to stay in my regular jeans as long as possible. 


P.S. All the baby wants me to eat is bagels and cream cheese. I will not be surprised if he or she comes out LOOKING like a bagel and cream cheese.  

P.P.S. The baby is the size of a grapefruit! Which has recently reminded me how much I like grapefruits and have since been eating one or two almost everyday. The baby is also as long as a banana…but I do not care for eating bananas so that's less interesting.

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