Wednesday, 11 June 2014

this summer is one for the charts

I've been told that I'm bad at sayings. 

Take, for example, a recent instagram post where I commented that this Summer was "one for the charts." My dear, dear husband corrected me by saying that it was "one for the books." Now we've been saying "one for the charts" all week and personally, I like it better. 

So does Coop.

We kicked off last week with fresh fruit, fish tacos, and pink wine with great friends :)

Just in time for the first dragonboat practise of the year, Ry got a pretty sweet golf tan. Here's a photo of him with Coop for contrast:

The whole gang :)

It's very typical for this carseat to be empty, since someone always seems to be holding Coop…(and it's usually uncle A-Ros).

Finally meeting our friend Jacquie! She's pretty excited about it.

During the practise, Coop and I took a stroll around Mooney's Bay and Hog's Back.  

The next day, Loraleah and I went on an adventure to Merrickville! We did a little bit of shopping but noticed that every single store was raised up about 3 steps from the street…so navigating with a stroller was a pain in the butt. We had a delicious lunch in a courtyard patio instead :)

Oh yeah, and we stumbled across this weird heritage museum down a bumpy hill. Kinda creepy...

To top off a FABULOUS week, we had dinner at Nana and Grandpa's house, and the men built a fire pit! Of course we had to try it out… 

My job: taking pictures and keeping them company.

Happiest dog in the world. Weeze LOVES Grandpa's house in the country.

Coop's first fire! First of MANY, I'm sure :)

Recovering from a big weekend… 

Coop and I have been doing a ton of walking in this gorgeous weather, and the other day we stumbled across a new walking path in Stonebridge!

Now that we've found this place, our typical route is about 4km.

Here's my favourite photo from the week: discovering how much he LOVES the play mat! He's such a curious little guy and he can amuse himself here for hours during the day. 

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