Tuesday, 21 January 2014

week twenty-eight

Week twenty-eight…which marks the arrival of the THIRD TRIMESTER!

So far, it has brought me:

  • really, really, really intense fatigue. 
  • hunger. soooo much hunger.
  • extreme and unquenchable thirst.
  • another burst of nesting (that is, when I'm not sleeping…)
I've finally finished the frame collection for the wall above the crib, and today I sat down in the nursery to lay it all out. Now that I know the sizes, I'm excited to design the prints to fill them!

I also found some very adorable baskets from Home Sense for the closet shelves. Those little chalkboard signs will eventually read things like: toys, blankets, etc.

This little plane is also from Home Sense, and I'm thinking I might design a print that's similar :) Our little adventurous boy!

I also found a GIANT chalkboard for above the changing table, but it needs a little TLC, so that's the new project :) But this is what I'm using as my inspiration:

That photo of adorable Henry has been floating around in my mind ALL YEARRRR. 

ALSO, we bought a glider yesterday!!! My dear mother-in-law told us about a one-day 50% off online-only sale, which made for an easy decision:

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with Cat from Cake Whisperer to chat about the cake for the baby shower…eeee!!! She has such a gift, and I'm confident that whatever she comes up with will be just fabulous. My only words of caution for her: no typical baby themed stuff. She gets me.

Less than three months until it's BABY TIME! I'm getting really excited now :)

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