Monday, 27 November 2017

iphone photos from october

We could have never predicted how October would change our lives as much as it did. On the first day of the month, a Sunday, we took the children for a walk in the Glebe. We tried a croissant at Ichiban after someone told us it was the best croissant they'd ever had it their entire lives. We parked on Third and walked towards the canal, and on our route we spotted a house for sale.

The conversation began so simply... Should we move to the Glebe? We come here most weekends. Our best friends live here. I could walk to TDM. Ry could bike to work... Was it possible? Doable? The most expensive thing we could ever imagine doing? We pulled the wagon behind us as the kids watched the ducks swimming in the canal, and stopped at a park at Lansdowne where they played for almost 2 hours straight.

On a little park bench we made our plan. We talked through a hundred scenarios, googled mortgage calculators and other properties for sale in the Glebe. By the time we drove home that day we were pretty sure we had just decided to move. The rest of October was a whirlwind -- it's actually shocking that I took any phone photos at all with how busy we were! 

19 days after that Glebe adventure our house was on the market. 

I'll never forget this lunch date with Walsh where we ate salad and walked around the Glebe streets looking for the perfect place where Ry and I could live. She fell in love with this beautiful red brick house with a white wrap-around porch. 

4 days later, we put in an offer. 

The school where our kids will go! Just a block away from the new place :)

A little break from house-related adventure to spend some quality time with the cousins at the pumpkin patch!

The most random Le Nordik day of all time, eh B. Smyth? I called her at 10am and said, "What are you doing today? Good because I'll pick you up in 30 minutes. We're going to Le Nordik." 

That day was so good for the soul <3

Jillybilly wanted to dress like her brother for school one day. She looks like that one kid from Despicable Me... 

Still wearing sandals mid-October. No shame. 

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 1 reunion night -- this is my favourite club. Except for book club, I also love book club. 

Twinning with MegB for her engagement photos!

The sale sign went up! The made things seem pretty real. 

Minimalism to the next level: renting a dumpster for 7 days and scouring every nook and cranny in our house before the move. When that dumpster was hauled away we were told it contained 1.67 tonnes of trash. 

It felt like a huge weight was lifted from our home, and it became way easier to imagine moving into a place about half the size. 

The garage pile. This wasn't even close to all of it. 

Another big pre-listing task: de-personalize our incredibly personalized home. Photos from trips replaced the kids blowing out their birthday candles. 

These next few photos are from our first and only day of showings at a couple properties in the Glebe. The kids LOVED going through the houses and wanted to sit on every couch and explore every room. Of course they found it a little bit difficult to not touch anything... but that's why the grandparents were there to babysit. 

This photo will always be pretty special to us. It was taken before we even went in the front door, but just a few short weeks later we signed our names on the agreement. The babies will walk up and down those porch steps for a very long time, we hope!

Finally, what do you do when you have a 9am showing? Take the kids to Morning Owl for hot chocolate of course! I'm happy to report this was the very last showing before our house was officially sold. 

October -- you were pretty crazy. We didn't have any idea what adventures you would hold, but we are so thankful!

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