Thursday, 12 February 2015

fourteen weeks pregnant

At fourteen weeks pregnant, it's starting to show. I wake up most mornings not looking pregnant but by lunch, it's game over. The baby is the size of an avocado right now! 

I've been keeping busy ticking things off my off-season goal list, like designing wedding albums, switching up the photos on my website, and making some changes to the administrative parts of my business. I wake up with a creative itch that I can't seem to scratch because by afternoon I'm too tired to do a whole lot. 

2015 is going to be an AMAZING year for my business. There are so many weddings I'm just DYING many wonderful couples I get to work with. I get excited thinking about how many of them haven't even done their engagement sessions yet!

Craving this week:

CANDY. Not chocolate, candy. Sweetarts, nerds, fun-dip, I want it all. I settled for a grape freezie last night but it just didn't quite hit the spot. 

Strawberry smoothies with extra strawberry. Like, don't skimp on the strawberry, k?

Adding to the list of things I've cried about:

Ariana Grande looking so happy after her performance at the Grammys. I love when people are so overwhelmed with their own happiness. 

In barre class, we were asked to set an intention at the beginning of class. Mine was to simply enjoy the hour of "me time." At the end, during our stretches, we were asked to check in with our intention and also think of something we were grateful for. I immediately thought of Coop and was so grateful that he's a good baby who LOVES being in child care while I do class. Then I thought of the new baby too, and how I was grateful for having this pregnancy surprise me...basically started crying in class. I blame the acoustic version of "Higher Love" that played in the background. 

Looking forward to this week:

Drinks with friends downtown tomorrow, even though I can't partake. I'm going to drink orange juice like it's my profession and be a young person for an evening. 

Also, this is totally something that happened to me with my last pregnancy too, but all of my emotions and opinions are heightened. Examples:

  • When I see an able bodied person waiting for a busy elevator, I feel rage. 
  • When "Sledgehammer" by Fifth Harmony plays, I get goosebumps and a deep desire to make my own music video. 
  • When I can't find a torrent of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Episode 10, I feel personally let down by the internet community. 
  • When I make a coleslaw recipe and I like it, I don't just like it...I text Ry that I would like to be buried with it.

So that's life at fourteen weeks :)

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