Tuesday, 7 April 2015

iphone photos from march

March was too crazy for full sentences. It was a bullet point kind of month, so it's only right to have a bullet point kind of summary.
  • We prepped our house crazy thoroughly for the real estate listing photos
  • The listing went live on March 2nd
  • A massive styled shoot one weekend
  • Nathan's 3rd birthday party
  • A week full of showings
  • An open house
  • Another week full of showings
  • Road trip to Toronto for Ivy's 4th birthday
  • We receive an offer on our place
  • We put in an offer on the new place
  • Home inspections
  • Fulfilling offer conditions
  • The 19th week ultrasound and finding out IT'S A GIRL!
  • A trip to the experimental farm with Coop, Charlotte, and Ally
  • Two maternity sessions for friends
  • And a trip to North Carolina for my 3rd time at Making Things Happen
  • Packing, packing, and moooooore packing
The scariest part is that I think April has the potential to go quicker than March, which means we will find ourselves in MAY and that means summertime! 

Anyway, since it was such a busy month, there are probably more iPhone photos than ever :)

New pillows for showing the house and making the bed look pretty :)

Super fun tax time.

My friend Mel's house is absolutely GORGEOUS. Couldn't help but grab a couple photos for design inspiration.

Together we worked on a beautiful wintery styled shoot :)

As the days rolled on, I was getting SO excited to find out if the baby was a boy or a girl! I actually have no idea how some couples choose not to find out. 

Woke up to a pink and blue sky on the morning of the gender ultrasound. 

Waiting room selfie! There are tears in my eyes because at the time of this photo, we already knew that it was a little miss :)


Packing chaos. This was my view for about 3 days straight while I worked through packing the kitchen.

I discovered the Gendron Antique barn in Stittsville and made my first antique purchase shortly thereafter.

DELAMERE! Love that little sold sign. Cannot believe it is official and we get to call this HOME.

This is our "we took a three hour nap!" face.

Favourite toys these days: packing tape, tennis balls, empty cardboard boxes.

Impromptu family trip to DQ :)

And Ryan and I also went on a DATE in March! We have Ally to thank for babysitting Coop for us so that we could go to dinner like real married people :)

The Making Things Happen conference was so great (as always). I'll be doing a lot more writing about it on my business blog over the next few months.

(An example of the kinds of photos I receive when I go out of town)

After a wonderful trip, I was so happy to get home to this smiley little face. I missed him so much! I swear his two little top teeth grew while a ton I was gone.

March, you've been good to us :)

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