Friday, 10 April 2015

cooper is ONE!

Today's the day! Cooper Scott, you're officially one whole year old :)

Life is good these days. You're loving your life now that you can go up AND down the stairs all by yourself (with a mom or a dad holding their arms out behind you just in case you decide you're brave and can cruise down the last 3 steps in one move). 

You are close to walking. You even wear big boy shoes now! You empty out one of the baskets in the TV stand and push it around the room all by yourself. Your favourite food is pizza -- it's about the only thing you'll eat without trying to share with Weezydog. Favourite thing to drink? Water (AKA spilling it down your shirt and laughing about it). 

We are so proud of you, baby boy. We can't believe you're ONE! Everyone says that time is moving so fast, but most days we can't believe you haven't been in our lives for way longer than a year. So much has happened! So many adventures together! It seems like forever ago that we were pushing you around in a stroller at the Toronto Zoo with Uncle Kevin. It seems like even longer since you attended your last summer baseball game, or hung out at Auntie Brittany's cottage on Canada Day weekend. 

Our whole world has been flipped upside down because of you, and we wouldn't change a thing. 

Love you bubs! Happy Birthday!

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