Tuesday, 7 April 2015

seventeen weeks pregnant


Seventeen weeks pregnant while selling your house looks a little something like this:
Get each room in the house ready for staging. 
Replace all of the vents that Coop has taken off in the last 5 minutes. 
See if Coop will eat yogurt. He will not. Give him bread. Think, "man, I feed this kid too much bread." 
Collapse into couch and wonder why I'm so tired.  
Remember that I'm creating a human being. 
Schedule a monthly pregnancy doctor's appointment. Decide that these are entirely a waste of time. 
Soothe Cooper after he pulls the garbage can on top of himself. 
Look for new houses on the internet. 
Book a wedding for 2016 and thank the lord that there is no conceivable way I'll be pregnant for 2016. 
Read the weekly update on the pregnancy app because I feel like I should try to be as interested in this stuff as with my first pregnancy. 
Replace all of the vents that Coop has taken off in the last 5 minutes. 
Eat a handful of easter chocolates. 
Think about what to make for dinner. Decide we have nothing in the house to make dinner with. Think about going out to get groceries. Decide to make frozen corn and call it a meal. 
Think about going outside with Coop. Remember that it's Winter and he hates it. 
Count the days until we find out whether the baby is a girl or a boy. Literally.
Doesn't it sound exciting? I assure you that putting the vents back on every 5 minutes is way more fun than it sounds. And Ry loved his dinner of frozen corn, or at least he loves me enough to pretend that he loved it.

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