Tuesday, 7 April 2015

coop is eleven months old!


You're eleven months old, little man. And it has been a big month for changes in your world!

Most importantly, you're now obsessed with standing! You pull yourself up on every piece of furniture you possible can; bar stools, coffee tables, open drawers, even the patio door where you really don't have anything to hold on to. 

Your two front teeth have arrived! Even though you weren't too pleased for a few days when they first started poking through, we know you'll get a lot of use out of them when they come down all the way. 

You put your mommy and daddy through the wringer for a week when we decided to break the habit of putting you to bed with a bottle. Scream, scream, scream...but you've finally caved and you're pretty much back to being a normal sleeper baby. 

We find out in TWO DAYS whether you're going to be a big brother or sister -- oh wait, that's the part mama always gets wrong. You get to be a big brother no matter what ;)

You favourite things include: eating rice cakes, sucking the juices out of a cherry tomato and spitting the skin out on the floor, fake coughing, opening drawers and pulling everything out, and kissing weezydog on the mouth. 

You give hugs now! This is mama's favourite. You nuzzle your head into the people you love the most and make a sound that we'll choose to interpret as "I love you." Mama says "I love you toooooo, I love you tooooo," and we hang out like that for a few minutes. 

It seems like you're getting more and more hair everyday! Sometimes it's even slightly unruly in the back. It's this lovely sandy colour, halfway between mama's light hair and daddy's dark. Maybe it's because you have more hair now that you've stopped pulling other people's hair... Weezy has very much enjoyed this change.

I take you to child care, little Coop, three times a week while I do a barre class. You absolutely LOVE your time there with the ladies. As soon as I get you back in the car you're already asleep. Pooped from so much attention :)

Your birthday party planning is officially underway! Invitations have been sent, and mama is working on hashing out some of the cutsey details for you. We are so proud of our little almost one year old!

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